So nice to meet you, Mr. Minister!

I just had an idea for a new thing! You know how there are "ministries of X" in England? Like, The Ministry of Magic? There should be a Ministry of Delight! They could handle birthdays and things.

I'm not saying that I would be the Minister of Delight, because I have to assume it's an appointed position. But I'm also not saying that I'd be anything but an awesome Minster of Delight.

PS—I'd rather be queefing.

PPS—We're getting there!

PPPS—Before you even suggest it, there's no such thing as the Minister of Queefs. And even if there where, I would want no part of it. Yuck! I just want my new catchphrase to make it onto mugs, and the sides of public buses and stuff, so I can get rich.

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