Time for a re-design! !!!

I know some of you—that is to say some of the 'net-bots that try to spam my comments—have come to know and love the layout of this web page. And I understand the possibility that changing the layout could have dire consequences for your psyches. But, frankly, whether or not you flip your shit and stab all your pets doesn't matter that much to me. I think I ought to change to look of this site, and I have my reasons.

First and foremost among my reasons is that my mother recently asked me "for the code to [your] web-diary." I normally wouldn't think that she'd have much interest in this sort of thing, except that several years ago I convinced her that this blog was actually a website for getting fake prescriptions for pain meds. Lately her back has been "acting up like you wouldn't fucking believe, Dandy," and so she's a little bit pill-crazy, and she's after my website. I need to make this thing as non-fake-prescriptiony as possible.

Also, the "cats and dogs, living together" subtitle turns out to be more or less lifted straight from Ghostbusters. I didn't do it on purpose; I was way into pain meds myself at the time, and the only tape I owned was half Ghostbusters, half-10 o'clock news, and apparently the line lodged itself in my memory. I'll fix it soon enough.


  1. The re-design sucks. Old layout was way better.

  2. And to think I paid that little shit $30. The more I look, the less anything seems to be different.


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