I went to the museum the other day. They had a large, stuffed grizzly bear there, and I noticed that the name tag said it was the body of the animal-actor "Gentle Ben."
I want everyone who goes to the museum to know that this is a bold faced lie. It is a fact - a FACT - that the real Gentle Ben died in a fire. Everyone thought it was some kind of publicity stunt arranged by his trainers, so no one even called the fire department. It happened right on the set of the show. That's why, in the last couple episodes, Gentle Ben looks like a guy in a bear suit.
Also - sort of a side note - the guy in "Gentle Ben" (whose name was also Ben) actually suggested that the cast and crew eat the bear. He was, of course, fired, which is why the guy in the last couple episodes looks kind of like Tom Hanks with a beard.

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