You ever see, in a movie, or something, someone get slapped so hard that they fall over? Just SLAP, and then BAM! ("BAM" being the sound you make when you fall over) I know!! It's totally uncomfortable to watch!

I only bring it up because that happened to me today. Me! Can you believe it? Like the song says, "Six foot tall, and full of muscle," and here I am, getting slapped to the ground. By my mom, too.<br>See, I made some holiday joke about how old she looks now, and she acted like she was going to laugh, and then she just did it. It was like being hit by a meteorite (I'm assuming)

Anyway, I can hardly blame her. I mean, it was a pretty funny joke, and she might have been overdoing it, but you know how moms can get on Thursdays. Am I right?

On an unrelated note, I met Colin Hanks today! From "Orange County." It turns out that he and I have very different opinions on Tom Hanks' parenting skills. I won't say who felt what way, but I have to bring this up: You all saw Big, right? He's a damn man-child. Please.

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