Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I think "Which one of us is the real Dandy?"

Well, it seems the secret is out.
My "alter-ego" has been discovered, and there is a fracas the likes of which the midewest has never seen.

That's right, the world now knows that Dandy Chesterton is one and the same person as "Frisky Chesterton."

Frisky was initially just a silly name I made up to go along with some silly things I did (I don't want to incriminate myself, but think "Punk'd"), but he has become so much more than that now. Now I sometimes wonder who is more silly, Frisky or Dandy? Who is more fun?
Who is more real?

Maybe Frisky and Dandy aren't as different as we used to think.

Oh, also, I did end up bringing home a little orphan from Vietnam. He was horrible and irritating, and he is called diarrhea.
I killed him with antibiotics.

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