Hot butter, and the changing internet environment.

Well, the thumping pumping heart of Myspace is gone. That's right, Boytalk is dead.

Not so much dead as in another country, really. Although, considering that I can't remember which country, we'll say as good as dead. It's one of those countries with significantly shorter people, and significantly different technology. I think, maybe, it was Mongolia.

I don't recall, either, exactly what the intention was in going to this other country. To spread the word and genetic material of Boytalk, obviously, but beyond that... To teach, I expect. Boytalk is good at horseriding and building yurts, but so are the Mongolians, so I don't think it's either of those. I've seen Boytalk fit a whole fist into his mouth, but that isn't something you can teach.
I'm just not sure.

Anyhow, what about this weather?!!?

I thought we lived in Minnesota, not Mongolia, am I right? I swear I saw a pony die of thirst on my street today! My neighbors are the hungry type, though, (remember my gay neighbor?) so even if that wasn't a hallucination, I can't imagine that they'd leave a dead horse lying on the street for more than a few minutes.

Oh my God! Something wet just came out of my nose! I think it was water!

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