Welcome to American Internet, People of Iran!

Yesterday I had as many site-views from Iran as I did from the United States of America! I won't say exactly how many views (that would be telling), but I will give you this: it wasn't zero!

For those in need of a little background information, Iran is a country not too far from Africa. Why, if you were to place your right hand on a globe, with your thumb touching the top right corner of Africa, you might also be touching Iran! (Although I can't say for certain, without knowing the size and condition of your globe, as well as the size and condition of your right hand.)

According to my sources, Iran is sometimes very hot, and at some point in the past it was ruled by a sultan! A sultan is like a king, but he wears a crown made out of cloth instead of metal. Also, sometimes a Jafar tells him what to do and ruins his life. A Jafar is sort of like their version of Puss in Boots, but not good.

The same source assured me that Iran also is rich in magical artifacts like lamps and carpets, but I'm fairly certain this was the result of a translation problem. As nice as they are, lamps and carpets are not magical.

Now, if you're really on the bunny hill of geography, here's some additional background information: The United States of America is also a country. I live in it, and many people consider it to be the best country. This is because of our quality television programming and our cars, of which we have many.

Now that that's all out of the way, I would like to extend a formal welcome to the people of Iran:

Welcome, people of Iran! I look forward to a great friendship between us!

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