Hobo Signs: Classics and Innovations

My hobo-related search engine traffic is still off the charts, everyone. I have yet to receive confirmation on this, but I'm operating under the assumption that these visits are largely the product of frantic hobo searches from young Teutons desperate for more masturbation material. (My readership is huge in Germany, where, as we all know, the American hobo is fetishized to the point of ridiculousness.)

The Dirty Bindle, I'm afraid, isn't quite ready for launch. But that doesn't mean I can't throw out a Bindle feature here and there to test the waters a little.

This column will be called something like, "The Writing on the Fence," or "Sign Time," or ... "The Scratch." That's it. "The Scratch." It will be a showcase for hobo signs, both old standbys and exciting new symbols. Sure, "Sandwiches for yardwork" will never go out of style, but how are you supposed to tell your fellow hobos about the ermine farm in the backyard, or the laptop computers frequently left on windowsills? The Scratch, that's how.

Anyway, here are a few preview signs. Enjoy!

"Arrows here"

"Easy arson target"

"Excellent butt"
Not to be confused with the similar:

"Boobs here"

"Beware gremlin"

"Cholera here"

"Many rabbits"

"Mass hobo grave"

"Lonely man here"

"Family already dead. Try elsewhere."

"Templar here"

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