Blinding you

It happened again! I've gone a whole roman month without writing for the Chesterton Review. I'm probably losing readers left and right. If you ever come back, readers, please know that I'm sorry for neglecting you.

You might be happy to know, however, that my absence here is largely due to my spending time on another project: The Daily Science Fact blog. The downside of DSF, like all my other projects, is that it can detract from the quality and quantity of TCR posts. The upside is that I'm doing my very best to have a new post on that blog every single day. This isn't as hard as you might think. Unlike the 'Review, which is rich, deep and original, each Daily Science Fact post is pretty brief, and can be drawn quickly from my tremendous mental reserve of science facts.

Like most of my projects, I've been keeping the DSF kind of on the down-low. But now I have nearly a month of posts built up, and more in the queue, so I figured it was time to open up the flood gates and let the bulls in.

I'm not sure that the DSF is quite appropriate for the general public, but if anyone out there knows a college science professor who is looking to enrich his (or, potentially, "her," I guess) curriculum, I recommend sending them a link.

Enjoy! And I'll be back! With bells on!

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