I finally learned what a “meme” is!

It turns out that “meme” is just a fancy word for saying something interesting about Chuck Norris! Like, “Chuck Norris has roundhouse kicked more people than he can count.” I thought “meme” had something to do with college. Wrong! With just a little research, memes come so easily! Who knew that being officially clever required so little effort? Watch:

Chuck Norris was born Carlos Ray Norris. Perhaps he goes by Chuck because he was ashamed of his alcoholic father, Ray.

Chuck Norris’ parents got divorced when he was only 16! Maybe he learned to kick things in half when he was 15!

Chuck Norris’ younger brother died in the Vietnam War!

Chuck Norris divorced his wife of 30 years in 1988. Ten years later, he married a woman the same age as his oldest son!

Chuck Norris’ daughter, Dina, was the product of an extramarital affair! She was 16 when she informed him of their relationship, and they met when she was 26!

Chuck Norris believes that the Earth is only a few thousand years old, and that people once lived with dinosaurs!

Chuck Norris believes homosexuality to be “aberrant”!

Chuck Norris founded the martial arts school of Chun Kuk Do, an anagram of Chuk Dunk-o and Chuk n’ Kudo! Who is Kudo?

Chuck Norris’ fifth rule of Chun Kuk Do is “If I have nothing good to say about a person, I will say nothing”!

Bad ass! How do I get these up on Chuck Norris’ blog?

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