Upgrading the lexicon

As if I knew what "lexicon" meant. That one's for next year!

But I did just learn what "holla" means. It's pretty much just the latter day version of "ahoy!" I can deal with that. Ahoy, bitches, ahoy!

Sorry about the lack of bearded presidents. I've had a few legal issues with the Whitehouse, and, more significantly, I dropped my mouse in the bathtub.

I did, however, just draw something the old fashioned way for my other job. Here:

Basically, what we have here is the continent of Africa with pants and a butt crack, or an "intergluteal cleft." There's a story behind it, I'm sure, but I think we're all mature enough to simply appreciate it as a work of art.

Also, I recently entered a writing contest! I won't say where, because I feel that might be cheating, nor will I reprint the entry here, because I'm not made of ink, but here's the gist: a violent psycho-sexual fantasy. Not mine, necessarily. It's all puppets, at any rate, which are notoriously difficult to direct violent psycho-sexual acts at. (When it comes down to it, all you're really doing is grinding against your own hand, and, believe me, I don't have enough soap to deal with that. And my pastor has to be getting tired of hearing about it.)

Ding! Times up!

But hold your breath for more presidential beards! They could come any week now!

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