All aboard the funmarine, we're watching a MOVIE

This is a word-picture I had made by a local artist. I gave him the text of every buyer review I could find for the DVD of "The Sweetest Thing," starring Cameron Diaz (and several other talented, beautiful women), and told him to make something with those words that represented the film.

I was expecting something like a heart, or a pair of traveling pants, but what I got was, in his words, "a penis with a nail sticking out of it."

Crude? Insulting? Yes and yes, and he wouldn't know a good movie if it knocked him over and hammered a nail into his you-know-what. If I had ever been planning on paying him, I would have changed those plans there and then. (I'm more of a dine-and-dash art patron in any case, but the sentiment was still there.)

My solution, at first, was to just hang the illustration backwards. Then I realized that it was, after all, mine, and it could be whatever I wanted it to be.

So what we have here is no longer a nailed wiener, it's a funmarine! ("Funmarine" is just a contraction of submarine and fun. Funmarines were also featured in Down Periscope, and Das Boot.)

On this funmarine girls do... whatever they want, just as long as they follow their hearts and stay true to their friends! Now that's what I call art!

All aboard!

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