Do I smell Hollywood?

I've been watching the stats on "Grapes in the Snow," and... that shit is blowing up! It's off the hook! It's blowing off the hook like a telephone packed with TNT, that detonates and throws a hooker out of her client's apartment. (If you were wondering, the client dies, probably. The hooker is a little broken glassy, but she's pretty much fine. The hooker could also be a man, if you want.)

Anyway, out of the post's many hits that didn't come from me, I'm almost positive at least one was from a Hollywood agent looking for next year's holiday dick-breaker. This time next year, I'll be rolling in piles of cash, and rinsing off in a tub of panda blood.

But I'll remember y'all.

PS—"Dick-breaker" is a new expression I'm trying out these days. Obviously it's a stand in for "blockbuster" here, but I think it has a number of potential applications. Not the least of which would be someone or something that actually breaks dicks, like a bolt-cutter, or a fed-up dog. But I urge you to be more creative.

PPS—I hope you all aren't turned off by my violent hooker simile or dick-breaker stuff. I think I just get this way when I'm excited.

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