I had a design accident

This is not as bad as a bathroom-type accident, or a pregnancy-type accident, or some combination of those, but, still, it's overwhelming.

Initially, I just wanted to change the "reactions" options. I didn't think that "interesting," "funny," and "cool" were very useful adjectives (there's a post about that somewhere...), and in fixing that, I got distracted and really made shit bonkers, you know?

I wanted the overall effect to be the same thing you might experience while reading the hieroglyphs on an ancient stele (assuming you can read hieroglyphs), because that's how I figure all of this is going to end up... but things didn't quite work out that way, and I wasn't sure how to get back. And there was no button for inserting dancing babies, which was a drag.

At any rate, the available reactions have been given an edgy, 21st century update. I'm hoping this will a) increase my readership from just me to maybe me and a couple other people; and b) inspire my readership to offer their reactions in the form of checkable boxes.


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