Sorry about, you know...

I know that a lot of you live, breath, and set your clocks to The Chesterton review, and I have to apologize for my tardiness of late.

The whole OFD thing makes focusing on the computer screen difficult, if not impossible, and, what's more, I have had two additional projects monopolizing my time lately:
1)The Frisky Science Monitor - I recently hired myself - that is to say, my alter ego, Frisky Chesterton - to write quasi-science related online diaries. So far I have debunked some myths about evolution (I don't know about you, but I'm not literally realted to any monkeys, at least that I know of), and put to rest the age old "nature versus nurture" debate. The answer: "narture."
2) Abusing myself in the shower - I don't want to get into it, but the whole thing takes time. What whole thing? Well, I'll say this: it's not fun.

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