Your Prize, Dear Reader

Well, I am, if nothing else, a man of my word.
Mice have been clicked exactly 1001 times on the Chesterton Review, and, as promised, I have a prize for the 1000th clicker. You know who you are.
Everyone else, please do not view the rest of this entry. It's not for you.


But, you, my 1000th friend, you receive the great pleasure and privilege of a sneak peak at my upcoming photo exhibition, "The New Gods."
Sure, it's only a few pictures, but I think it gives a general impression of things to come. The subject of these photos, is, of course, Frisky Chesterton, the New God himself.

"Ride of The New God"

"Soup of The New God"

and, finally, "The Gods at War" (Frisky not pictured)

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