Big ups to Boy Talk!

Well, I'm more than a few days late on this (Butt-bone-gate has been demanding most of my attention this week), but I see that I have a new subscriber! Or should I say "A subscriber?"
That's right, I have only one subscriber. And I know for a fact - a fact - that I have more than one cyber-reader. Two at least, possibly three.
So to all the freebooters out there: start paying for my words, or I will begin to publicly list the homosexuals among you. Communists will not be safe either.
Now, some might say that subscribers don't actually pay for anything. Some might go even further to point out that there's really no way of knowing who reads my blog, much less which of those people are homosexuals.
To you people I have this to say: maybe if you spent less time sitting on your thumbs, you'd be smarter. I can do lots of shit that you can only dream about. I could use this computer -- this computer right here -- to kill any one of you. You'd have to be in the room, and asleep, or something, but think about that.
Anyhoo, big ups to The BT. Boy Talk is a rad local band, and they're the reason why I treat Ecuadorians different from how I treat other Latin Americans.

No one in Boy Talk is Ecuadorian.

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