Ron Howard: A Filthy Little Podiphile

That's right, readers, you heard it here first (as usual): Ron Howard, beloved director, is a podiphile.
Apparently everyone in Hollywood has known about this perversion of his forever, but puts up with it because of his tremendous talent (e.g., Edtv). I guess he was so inappropriate on the set of Apollo 13 that even Tom Hanks (or "America's Pervert," as I like to call him) threatened to quit. Thank God that didn't happen -- our space program needed the boost -- and no thanks to Ron Howard, who spent thousands importing Thai callboys to the set. "Arrested Development" indeed!
But now the word is out, and it's up to God fearing Americans like us to let it be known that we will not support sexual deviants like this. So put your money where your mouths are, everyone, and let's have a total boycot of Backdraft 2 (if it ever gets made -- fingers crossed!).
Ugh. I just threw up a little bit. The thought of Richie Cunningham getting his twisted kicks from feet is so totally disgusting. Blech blech ick blech blah blech.

At least he's not as bad as his brother (Clint Howard of "The Ice Cream Man fame), who, as I understand it, fucks children.

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